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Nantong Haiying Electromechanical Group Co., Ltd. (Qidong Haiying Metallurgical Machinery Factory) covers an area of ​​66700m2, building area of ​​38000m2, with an annual output of 700 sets of spray tank pressure vessel production line, with an annual output of 30000 meters low-temperature vacuum tube production workshop. Class technicians, including 6 senior engineers, 18 engineers, 35 assistant engineers, technicians and 46 people, and equipped with advanced computer, graphics, and other advanced technology, the company has more than 300 sets of advanced production, processing and testing equipment, Equipment, Shaitu Ji and CAD, 3D3S, SW6.0 and other hardware and software facilities, providing a strong R & D protection.
The main manufacturing equipment:
CNC Boring Machine, Automatic Sawing Machine, Punching Machine, CNC Drilling Machine, Ordinary Drilling Machine, Grinding Machine and other metal cutting machine tool equipment, automatic welding machine, automatic cutting machine, cutting machine, bending machine, rolling machine (large four core coiling machine up to 40mm) Welding machine, plasma cutting machine, 15t-50t board rolling frame, all kinds of lifting equipment (the largest), automatic arc welding machine, arc welding machine, arc welding machine, welding machine, Lifting capacity of 200 tons) and so on.
Special testing equipment:
X-ray flaw detector, inflatable frequency control microcomputer control flaw detector, ultrasonic flaw detector, rotating magnetic field flaw detector, magnetic flaw detector, impact testing machine, universal testing machine, ultrasonic thickness gauge, Rockwell hardness tester, Large element chemical analyzer, helium mass spectrometer leak detector, pressure tester, airtightness tester, magnetic flow of the analyzer, physical and chemical, metallographic analysis instrument and other equipment.

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