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Nantong Haiying Electrical and Mechanical Group Co., Ltd. (Qidong Haiying Metallurgical Machinery Factory), located in Qidong City Economic and Technological Development Zone, No. 898, Haihong Road, Qidong City. Covers an area of ​​66000m2, the existing 100 cadres and workers.
The unit is a member of China Petrochemical Materials Market, a designated supplier of Baosteel Group and a qualified supplier of nuclear power industry in China. It is a postgraduate experimental base of Nanjing University of Technology and a postgraduate experimental base of Hunan University. It is qualified to manufacture three types of pressure vessels and three types of pressure vessels, and has established and implemented a quality system that meets the requirements of GB / T19001-2000 idt ISO 9001: 2000. The existing China People 's Insurance Company of our products to implement product quality liability insurance, Insurance No. 009476.
The unit is the former Ministry of Metallurgical Industry, the Ministry of Chemical Industry sentinel plants, and long-term and the five major steel and Zhejiang Design Institute three categories. Dust extraction equipment, pressure vessel equipment, mixing equipment, filtration equipment, gas static mixer, gas dehydrator, pressure flushing device, wet air oxidation reactor, desulfurization tower, oxygen pipeline flame arrester, oxygen point valve box, oxygen filter , Self-cleaning high efficiency water filter, patented: automatic anti-gas leakage device, self-cleaning high-efficiency water filtration, high pressure water filtration, self-cleaning water filter, Explosion-proof oxygen gas filter. One point of the valve box series of access to Jiangsu Province, the implementation of the US Patent Silver Award, the city outstanding products Golden Eagle Award, and other scientific and technological achievements awards. Gas flame arrester by the Chinese Ministry of Public Security, Tianjin Fire Detection, in line with national standards. Products in the country's iron and steel enterprises in the application of quality has never been any accident, the metallurgical industry was well received.
The main manufacturing equipment of this unit are: various types of car planing milling machine, plate bending machine, shearing machine, shearing machine, folding machine, boring machine, automatic sawing machine, punching machine, CNC drilling machine, ordinary drilling machine, grinding machine, automatic welding machine , Automatic welding machine, automatic submerged arc welding machine, melting gas welding machine protection, welding, welding, testing center, and so on.
The unit testing center equipment: X-ray flaw detector, inflatable frequency control of microcomputer control flaw detector, ultrasonic flaw detector, rotating magnetic field flaw detector, universal testing machine, impact machine, air tightness test equipment system, magnetic sulfur analyzer, , Metallographic analysis laboratory and so on.
Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu Province, many times as the credit rating enterprise construction enterprises, the best image of Chinese enterprises AAA level, Nantong City, the contract and trustworthy enterprises, advanced science and technology enterprises, and so on. Products won the trust of users, some products exported to Southeast Asian countries.
The unit quality: persistent integrity; dedication truth; self-improvement; the pursuit of excellence.
Quality objectives: a finished product assembly rate of 96 percent, customer satisfaction rate of 95 percent.
The general manager of the unit and all staff to the customer commitment to provide first-class products and satisfactory service.
Company Profile

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